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We value the trust our customers place in us and strive to exceed their expectations every day.

Since 2017 I am pleased to share my experience working with your team and express my gratitude for the exceptional service we have received. Since the beginning of our collaboration, your company has proven to be an invaluable partner that goes beyond our expectations.

What stands out the most is the consistency in the quality of their service. Every member of your team that we have interacted with has shown a high level of professionalism and dedication. The promptness with which they address our queries and the efficiency in the delivery of products/services have allowed us to meet our deadlines reliably.

Additionally, I want to highlight the flexibility and willingness of your team to adapt to our specific needs. The ability to customize solutions to our requirements has made a big difference in the effectiveness of our collaboration. This customer-centric approach is a distinctive feature of your company.

Transparency in communication has also been a key factor in strengthening our relationship. We have always been informed about the progress of the projects and any potential changes. This transparency has built strong trust and facilitated decision making on our end.

In summary, working with Martha Ceceña has been a highly positive experience. We appreciate the quality of their service, their customer-oriented approach and the way they have contributed to the success of our projects. We look forward to continuing this beneficial collaboration in the future.

Each of our items has a very special seal that helps us have better quality products. Without a doubt, the art they use in cap samples gives us a plus in the market!

Luis Enrique Castro

From the company 664

I want to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for the incredible relationship we have built during our collaboration. Working with you has not only been a business transaction, but an experience in which the personal connection has been as important as the quality of the service you provide.

From the beginning, I have felt a level of commitment and attention that goes beyond what was expected. Your team’s willingness to understand our needs and work closely with us has created an environment of trust that is truly valuable. This personal connection has made each interaction more than just a business transaction.

The flexibility they have shown in adapting to our specific requirements and willingness to meet our deadlines has been remarkable. Their customer-centric approach is not only reflected in the quality of their service, but also in the way they have built strong relationships with us.

I want to give a special thanks for the attention to detail and extra effort you have put into each project. The quality of their service has exceeded our expectations and has directly contributed to our shared success. I want to thank Martha Ceceña for her support, she has been very gratifying in guiding us and directing us in each of the processes.

In short, working with CSI Creative has not only been a positive business experience, but a meaningful personal relationship.

I sincerely appreciate your team’s dedication and look forward to continuing to strengthen our partnership in the future. Thank you for being more than a supplier, thank you for being a valued partner.

Sheila Alvarez

From the company Westside Merchandising

Wolf & Moon Products Inc. outsources the assembly of BugoffScreens to CSI at their manufacturing facility in Tijuana. While our relationship is almost 2 years old, we only started production of our screens about 6 months ago. Our journey of understanding each others needs and capabilities to actual production of the screens has been a very satisfying experience.

From the very onset the team at CSI was very systematic and professional in understanding our product and volumes requirements. They not only developed samples per pour requirements but also did the pricing and prepared the layout plan for the assembly floor to receive raw material, do the cutting, stitching and packing of the product. The workflow process is very efficient and is helpful in producing screens at the lowest price possible.

CSI has a dedicated team assigned to the project for all the key functions. The logistics team helps with the raw material requirements, imports of the components and dispatch of final product. The production team handles the production and packing very efficiently. The QC team ensures that the screens produced meet our specifications. The administrative/finance team does an excellent job to ensure that all Mexican government regulations are fully complied with.

We greatly value our relationship with CSI and would recommend their services to other companies looking for cut-sewing/stitch-print operations in Tijuana and wish them the best.

Keith Sunderlal

From the company Peacock Logistics